USS Forrestal CV-59 Carrier Navy Story & Disaster

The Forrestal Class Carrier were the 1st Super Carriers with a length of over 1000 ft, Angled flight deck, and steam catapult. These 4 carriers were not Nukes, but set the standard for all carriers from then on. This is the story about the mighty USS Forrestal CV-59, plus war activities of the 4th Forrestal class carrier; USS Independence CV-62, Plus, the Fire Disaster on board July 29th 1967, Where John McCain's plane got caught in the inferno. This collection shows these amazing ships being built, to daily use, to the fire. We hope you will enjoy.

1st Film: "USS Forrestal CV-59". This is a great film created by the Navy on building the USS Forrestal carrier CV-59. Known as the 1st Super Carrier in the world. From the keel to launching, a great historical film. Amazing stuff. 19:33 Min

2nd Film: "Attack Carriers". This is a film from the Forrestal Class carriers called Face of the Nation. The actual footage is on the USS Independence, the 4th and last Forrestal Class carrier. Takeoff, landings, life aboard the great carrier, to action in Vietnam. Amazing carrier story and amazing color footage 28:07 Min

3rd Film: "USS Forrestal fire Disaster". This film is extrordinary in it's content and footage of the fire disaster that took place July 29th, 1967. After a previous day of over 70 sorties in Vietnam, the crew was getting the planes for another day when a Zuni rocket fired off into a Gassed-up A-4 Skyhawk. All hell brokeout. 134 men died that day and the ship almost was lost had it not been for the gallant grew. A must see. 18:44 Min

4th Film: "Carrier Newsreels". These is a collection of great footage on USS Forrestal carriers. 1st; Rare Footage of the CV-59. 2nd; Biggest Warship puts to Sea. 3rd; USS Forrestal; trial tests. 4th; CV-62 Launched. 5th; C-130 lands on CV-59. 6th; 7th Fleet flexes muscles. 7th; Americas newest. 8th; Nuke Task Force! Great Clips. 10:36 Min

USS Forrestal CV-59 Carrier Navy Story & Disaster
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